An experienced diverse actor and director, Joshua has experience on all fronts of what it takes to maneuver the ins and outs of this business. He brings this experience to his work as a teacher.

He has taught at American University in Washington, DC and led workshops and classes at Gallaudet University, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (his alma mater) and the Catholic University of America.

Most recently he closed the Broadway revival of Les Miserables having moved from Washington, DC to join the company. In DC, Joshua performed at most major theaters there including Folger Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night, the world premiere of Soon at Signature Theatre and the DC premiere of Sam Hunter’s A Bright New Boise at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company.

Having been most prompted with questions about running a business as an artist, he created Artist’s Strategy to help individuals develop business plans to see their goals come to fruition.



Artist’s Strategy offers artists an opportunity to strategize and create tactical next steps towards a career that remains within their control and has the possibility to grow. Using basic, personalized business principles, AS gives artists a path forward towards a sustainable, fulfilling future.

Setting clear goals, understanding marketing strategies, using your network and building a strong financial support system are all pieces of creating a business plan that will work for you. Visit for more information.




“Joshua is the most positive, intelligent, patient, and involved coach I've ever had.
He's incredibly receptive to questions all the time - and very responsive even over email outside of lessons - he encourages communication, he is really driven, and in turn I feel encouraged, supported,
and excited about the work I'm doing.”

— Colleen Sproull


"Josh makes a great first impression, and then he tops it, when it turns out that he really is that knowledgeable, focused, supportive, refreshingly candid, and fun, every single session. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to work with him."

— Sierra Prasada


"Joshua Morgan is one in a million—he is, truly, one of the most talented and compassionate artists that I’ve ever met. His teaching style is focused and powerful—he is constantly motivating us to dig deep, to seek truth in our work, and to free ourselves from inhibitions. He infuses his lessons with wisdom and joy, inspiring us to grow both as artists and as people. He genuinely cares about each of his students and wants us all to be wildly successful! I am so fortunate to have worked with Joshua and will carry his lessons with me throughout the rest of my career."

— Carrie Daniel


“I worked with Joshua for about a year as I prepared for my college auditions. I learned a lot in that time, but above all I learned about the power of simplicity. How so much can be conveyed through the smallest of actions. I'd get so frustrated every time he'd say, "do less do less."  And I'd think, "But it felt so good that way." But I'd always leave surprised and disappointed that an hour had gone by so fast. Every lesson, Joshua took me further and further into the work and the more we worked, the more I was hooked.  Honestly, I owe so much to him and can't possibly imagine where I'd be in my work without him (probably floundering in dramatic emotionalism).”

— Elizabeth McCarthy


“A coaching with Joshua Morgan is like therapy session. I don't think I've ever left unsatisfied. What truly makes him astounding is that he goes beyond the duties of a teacher. He cares about my overall well-being. He's been nothing but amazing.”

— Matthew Rubbelke


"Joshua has seriously been a God-send to me.  He helped me prepare for MFA auditions and really helped me tighten up my monologues. He is also very good about traversing the business side of the acting world as well. I feel like I have grown leaps and bounds under the guidance of Joshua in a year and a half of working with him. I would not hesitate at all to recommend him as an acting coach."

— Alex Witherow